How To Dual Boot Your Windows 7 and Windows XP

Ok, I’ve been saying that Windows 7 is better, which it is. But, the problem is when you need XP applications for Windows 7 and won’t run (occasionally). Obviously, you can’t run some applications from XP to your shiny Windows 7. Here’s a solution: Dual boot your computer so you can use Windows 7, and Windows XP.

But first, you must install Windows 7 then XP, respectively. You need to partition your hard drive. To do this, you just need a disk partitioner. You can Google it to find what you need. If you have already installed Windows 7, and you just need to install Windows XP, you need to divide your drive into two partitions, for those OS. Actually, if you have Windows 7 installed already, you can use its own disk partitioner.

For instructions on how to dual boot your computer for Windows 7 and Windows XP, click here:

This is great if you use Windows 7 for work and Windows XP for games since it’s on a different partition, it is much safer and even better!

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Facebook, Facebook, Facebook In Windows Live Messenger Using Windows 7

Ok, it’s really nice to have Facebook on your web browser, but if you’re doing another thing with your browser, it’s kinda cluttered and make you click all the million tabs on your browser. Why not leave all the chatting to your Windows Live Messenger and all your surfing and other things to your web browser. It really makes it easier and more simple.

How? check this video out!

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Photo Library From American Red Cross

Photo Library.

American Red Cross

See how your help, helps.

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How To Restore All Your Apps In Windows 7 Without Shutting Down Your PC

Normally, you would do is close or exit your apps, click the Start Orb and click on Shut Down. Then, press the power button of your computer to boot and log-in to your desktop. That would take some time to boot and open all your apps, your web browser and re-login to your accounts, and open websites, and just ugh!

The new way of doing things on your Windows 7 is by using the Hibernate feature. With this you just press the power button of your PC without exiting all your applications, and log-out, and everything.

How? simple. Go to Control Panel->System and Security->Power Options->click on Choose what the power buttons do->When I press the power button, choose Hibernate. Save Changes, and that’s it!

Hibernate In Windows 7

Hibernate In Windows 7

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There Must Be Only OneNote

If you’re a hobby blogger or a professional writer who wants to store every great things you find on the Internet, then OneNote will surely be the most important tool for you.

Just highlight the photos, text you want, right-click and copy it and paste it to OneNote. Again, that simple. You don’t even have to File, Save it since it automagically saves every snippet you made for you. It makes my life on the web more organized and fun!

There’s another: EverNote. It is almost exactly as OneNote although it lacks some features found in OneNote. Who cares? At least it’s FREE! Well, that is what you might say. It’s good enough for its purpose. And, if you happen to use Google’s Chrome web browser, you may want to install Clip To EverNote!!! From the browser you could highlight anything you want (text, photos, anything!) then, press the Clip To EverNote icon to send it to your account (Yes, you need an account, but it’s FREE!!!). What’s the best part is? You can share it to Twitter! :):):)

So, what do you think? OneNote or EverNote? There must be only one.

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How To Share Photos From Windows Live Photo Gallery To Twitter Using Windows 7

Internet Explorer 9 toolbar and extensions? Nope.

How about Accelerators? Nope.

The answer: Flickr!

Create a Flickr account (it’s free).

Save the photo you want from a website by right-clicking on it and choose Save Picture As.

Open Windows Live Photo Gallery, and choose the photo you saved.

Edit to beautify your photo.

Then, from the Share menu, click the down arrow and choose Add a plug-in.

Then, choose Flickr and sign-in using your newly created Flickr Account.

Go to Flickr, and click on your username at the top-right, and click Sharing and Extending.

Choose Twitter and click Connect. You will be asked for permissions, click Accept.

Now, back to Windows Live Photo Gallery, you will see Flickr icon on the Sharing menu. Choose the photo(s) you like to share and click the Flickr icon. It will upload your photo to Flickr.

Go to your Flickr PhotoStream and you will see your photo added. Click the Share button and choose Twitter.

Add your text, and your done!

Note: Everytime you upload a photo in Flickr, it will have Public as permission. You should be aware of that in order to share it to Twitter.


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How To Create Fabulouso Photo Slideshows Automagically In Windows 7 For FREE !!!

For those people who really love to take snapshots anywhere they’ve been, then Windows 7 is purrr-fect for you. After taking a picture, you may want to edit it, that’s why there is Windows Live Photo Gallery for FREE! After editing it, you want to share it with others using Windows Live Mail and create stunning photo slideshows easily for FREE! This and many others are included when you download Windows Live Essentials from Microsoft for FREE, because LOVE is FREE!

Click here to download Windows Live Essentials:

How brown cow? Easy! After installing it in your Windows 7, click the Windows Live Mail icon, Create New Email Message, then Photo Album, or to make things much more easier, just click the Photo Email in the first place, and add photos from your computer. You just need to register first in order to use the service, hassle FREE!

That easy! Thank you, Windows 7.

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