Everyone is Selling Something on the Internet

Have you noticed, all the sites you visited are selling something? The internet has become a marketplace, putting all the advertisement in your head, then make you buy non-real things like software or any other virtual things that doesn’t count to something you could use to make money. Apple, Microsoft and all the others are raking in billions for something that we really don’t need. Computers has become an annoyance, there is no more fun in them but became bread and butter that they are willing to kill for. I’ve been selling on the internet for years, but no one is buying. Not because it’s crap, but my product can’t compete with other big companies with millions in funding. Not only that, those who are trying to work for those companies can’t get in and find a job.

Really discouraging.

Maybe because of what is happening on global economies: protests, wars, and unrest.

This is a sign of the times that life is getting difficult for all of us.

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