It’s Time To Upgrade

If you’re an XP user, maybe it’s time to consider upgrading your system. Here are some steps to think about when buying Windows 7:
I’ve been fortunate to have an evaluation copy of Windows 7 to try it out first, and encountered some problems if you are using old XP drivers for your devices.
-My old tv tuner doesn’t work in Windows 7.
-I have to System Restore twice for the incompatible MIDI cable driver.
-I had a few crashes from other programs.
-Some of the applications in Vista was removed in Windows 7 like the Calendar,Photo Gallery, but you can download Live Essentials from Microsoft website.
-If you want to use your legacy software, there is what they call XP mode, but you have to doanload from their website. The problem with Windows 7 XP mode is you have to have the Intel VT (Virtualization Technology) CPU or the AMD V. My computer is at least one year old already and unfortunately, I can’t use XP mode. For me, it’s better to use Windows Vista if you don’t have this since the system requirements of XP mode in Vista is lower like Pentium II. The XP mode program is called Virtual PC and you can also download it too from their website for free. It is important to note that this feature is only available at least in Business or Professional Edition.
The best thing to recommend when going to Windows 7 is buy a new computer. 🙂
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